4K Joey


4k Joey 

4K Joeys allow our customers who have purchased 4K TVs to view certain on-demand 4K/Ultra HD content through their Hopper system. With the ability to deliver on demand 4K video content, we are once again proving we are the leader in entertainment technology.

  • 4K Joey delivers both HD and 4K/Ultra HDvideo content to subscribers through their 4K TVs
  • 4K Joey will only function with a Hopper 3 or Hopper with Sling that has the new User Interface (UI)
  • 4K Joey is wired and connected the same way as other Joeys


Ultra slim and sleek design, which reflects the look and feel of the new UI.





  • 4K resolution is 2x the clarity of current HD video
  • 4K Joey delivers a processor speed of 7000 MHz, making it much faster than the Hopper with Sling
    • Includes 1 GB of RAM and 128 MB of flash memory
  • 4K Joey is compatible with allHDMI cables currently offered by DISH
  • At launch, the following 4K content will be available on the 4K Joey:
    • Video On Demand found on channel 501 or by choosing the “On Demand” tile in the main menu
    • Netflix 4K content (if the customer is on a Netflix plan that supports streaming Ultra HD video andhas appropriate broadband Internet speed (25 megabits per second or higher))
      • Customers can check which plan they are currently on at netflix.com/ChangePlan
      • Netflix streaming quality must be set to “High”
    • To access Netflix the 4K Joey must be linked to a Hopper w/Sling
  • At launch, 4K Joey comes boxed with the 40.0 remote, and its operation will be the same as the current Joey